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Great devotion in time of trials

Everyone better to have one.

Timeless and wonderful devotional

I always find Streams as hitting right on the mark for my daily needs

Will i loose mu boomarks when i update the app?

This app is amazing !!! Absolutely love these writing!!!! Godly and inspiring. I do have a question i have bookmarked all my favorites but i dont want to loose my bookmarks if i update. Will that happen ?

Wisdom in the palm of your hand

I’ve loved this book for decades and now this beautiful app means it’s always close by!

Streams in the Dessert feeds the soul.

I have been reading from Streams for many years. It is so great to be able to open the app while I am on the go and pause and reflect . So grateful to have it!

Thank you.

We use this book for Family devotion with only one copy. Now we can all read along. The words are much closer to my printed copy than other digital versions I have seen. Thanks for not assuming that everyone is too stupid to read English.

Daily Streams

I read Daily Streams Daily and find the content quiteExcellent! Please keep up the Excellent work! Sincerely, David Waters

Love the application of Streams

I have been reading this devotion off and in for over 20 years and it always seems to apply to a new season in my walk with God and encourage me every time!

The Lord uses this app

God has used this app many time it has given me help and direction.

Have loved Streams for years!!!

Given as a gift more times than I can remember and regularly email devotions to friends!!!💕

A blessing and boost for the day

A true blessing, encouragement and boost for my day. It has always amazed me to know God knows exactly what I need each day. If I miss a day or two I can always look back to them. Daily Streams has been around for a long time in book form, but it is nice to have it in your pocket or purse, just pull it out and read you devotions over and over. Thank you.

Streams In The Desert

Today’s the first time I listened to the devotion being read. The reader needs a little more sensitivity when reading, not just reading one word after another. I love the App though and have the book too. Thanks!!


I came across this app as I remembered how much this daily devotional had helped me years ago. I have had many challenges thus far in life, especially the past few years, and as I turn my life back over to Christ, SITD is the perfect book to guide me along my journey. Thanking God this book found its way back into my life again.

Wisdom and life lessons

I love this devotional at my finger tips.


First devotional book I read in the morning. I recommend this book to grow spiritually.



Living Water....

I’ve been reading Streams in the Desert as a morning devotion for 10 years. Each devotion, God has used to clarify something specific in my life or in the life of family or friends. It has helped me to renew my mind and live in the Spirit and not the flesh. So blessed and thankful for this beautiful book!

What it is👍🏾

Inspirational, people practical, and easy to do understand; refreshing spiritual streams, in a parched & weary land🙏🏼

Daily food for my weary soul

I love the convenience of this app. No excuses for not having a moment of reflection during my busy day. Somehow the daily message seems to have been written specifically for me.

Classic devotional

Such a good addition to quiet times

Love Streams

Love this devotional! Don’t like the voice option. It’s hurried and monotone!

Daily Streams

Been reading Streams in the Desert for most of my life. Love Daily Streams!

Daily encouragement

No matter where I am my daily devotional is conveniently with me. Even reminds me every morning.

Amazing app!

Simple and easy to use app for your devotional means

Streams of the Desert

Very good ap. Really enjoy the readings. Very inspiring.

Great devo

Love this app. Start my day with it. Always reliably works too

Streams in the Desert

In 2005 my husband passed away and a friend gave me this devotional. It was a life saver and changer. Recently a young lady that has a life threatening form of cancer asked me where I got the devotions I was sending her, so I re-gifted her my Streams devotional. I missed it so much and then I found you on line! Imagine my joy!!!! It is inspirational, I read it daily along with the Bible. Thank you for my finances are .....minimal and to buy the book, and I will....will take a little time. Yay for all who have been blessed by your website, and may you be blessed as well.

My Favorite All Time Devotional!

So happy this is available as an app!!

Daily streams

Daily streams starts my day .Every day it seems as if every message is prepared for my circumstances that need an Answer and it has one for me. The day is not set right for me if I fail to do it first thing in the morning. It is really a blessing to Me. Thank you so much . THANKFUL

Great devotion

Great daily devotion!


A great place to get a nugget to carry with you through the day!

Love it

Always great messages!

Favorite devotional

This timeless is devotional is relevant day by day, year after year.

A companion apart from the Bible

A companion apart from the Bible, that over the many turbulent years, has provided the comfort, the hope and the strength to keep on in the faith. Thank you.

Could not do without

My life has been sooooo inspired and transformed, because of Streams in the Dessert! 👌🏼🙏🏽❤️


Very nicely written with pictures

Daily streams

Love it, always dependable

True word

I love waking up to reading this devotion . It gives me a start with pointing me towards the right path .

One of my FAVORITE decks

Truly one of the most insightful devotionals I’ve read, ever !

Great daily devotional

Love it

Morning Devotional

This is the PERFECT App to give me a morning devotional right before my day starts. I love it!!!

Meditation: abiding

I’ve been reading this devotional for 30 years and the Word is always fresh.

My favorite devotional

Streams in the Desert is my all time favorite devotional. Everyday, it is just what I need for that day!!! Love, love, love it!

Love it!

I love the Streams in the Desert devotional. It’s wonderful to have it at my fingertips everywhere I go. 😊❤️

Love this app!

I Enjoyed reading streams in the desert I hardcopy, and it’s really nice to have it in an app on my phone it’s easy to access. So far the app is working very well no issues at all.

Daily companion

The app can be glitchy and the ads annoying, but I utilize Daily Streams as my everyday devotional reading. I enjoy the photo headers and the quotes from church fathers/mothers and the versed writing at the end. Thank you.

Just awesome

Thank you!

Daily Streams

There is wonderful perspective to be gained from reading the daily devotionals in Daily Streams. It’s such a blessing to be able to share these selections with friends and family. I’m very thankful for the wisdom to be gained in reading DS each day!

Riches for the heart!

Wisdom, perspective, assurance, encouragement and hope...these faith-building resources abound in Daily Streams. Always timely, always point me to the King!

Streams in the desert

These readings encourage me everyday. It has become a mainstay in my life.

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