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Streams in the Desert

In 2005 my husband passed away and a friend gave me this devotional. It was a life saver and changer. Recently a young lady that has a life threatening form of cancer asked me where I got the devotions I was sending her, so I re-gifted her my Streams devotional. I missed it so much and then I found you on line! Imagine my joy!!!! It is inspirational, I read it daily along with the Bible. Thank you for my finances are .....minimal and to buy the book, and I will....will take a little time. Yay for all who have been blessed by your website, and may you be blessed as well.

My Favorite All Time Devotional!

So happy this is available as an app!!

Daily streams

Daily streams starts my day .Every day it seems as if every message is prepared for my circumstances that need an Answer and it has one for me. The day is not set right for me if I fail to do it first thing in the morning. It is really a blessing to Me. Thank you so much . THANKFUL

Great devotion

Great daily devotion!


A great place to get a nugget to carry with you through the day!

Love it

Always great messages!

Favorite devotional

This timeless is devotional is relevant day by day, year after year.

A companion apart from the Bible

A companion apart from the Bible, that over the many turbulent years, has provided the comfort, the hope and the strength to keep on in the faith. Thank you.

Could not do without

My life has been sooooo inspired and transformed, because of Streams in the Dessert! 👌🏼🙏🏽❤️


Very nicely written with pictures

Daily streams

Love it, always dependable

True word

I love waking up to reading this devotion . It gives me a start with pointing me towards the right path .

One of my FAVORITE decks

Truly one of the most insightful devotionals I’ve read, ever !

Great daily devotional

Love it

Morning Devotional

This is the PERFECT App to give me a morning devotional right before my day starts. I love it!!!

Meditation: abiding

I’ve been reading this devotional for 30 years and the Word is always fresh.

My favorite devotional

Streams in the Desert is my all time favorite devotional. Everyday, it is just what I need for that day!!! Love, love, love it!

Love it!

I love the Streams in the Desert devotional. It’s wonderful to have it at my fingertips everywhere I go. 😊❤️

Love this app!

I Enjoyed reading streams in the desert I hardcopy, and it’s really nice to have it in an app on my phone it’s easy to access. So far the app is working very well no issues at all.

Daily companion

The app can be glitchy and the ads annoying, but I utilize Daily Streams as my everyday devotional reading. I enjoy the photo headers and the quotes from church fathers/mothers and the versed writing at the end. Thank you.

Just awesome

Thank you!

Daily Streams

There is wonderful perspective to be gained from reading the daily devotionals in Daily Streams. It’s such a blessing to be able to share these selections with friends and family. I’m very thankful for the wisdom to be gained in reading DS each day!

Riches for the heart!

Wisdom, perspective, assurance, encouragement and hope...these faith-building resources abound in Daily Streams. Always timely, always point me to the King!

Streams in the desert

These readings encourage me everyday. It has become a mainstay in my life.


I enjoy having Daily Streams available on my mobile devices. The messages are a blessing and a help.

Daily Devotions

Excellent Christian App. Enjoying reading the devotions and sermons

Daily streams

Love it! I cant explain how much it helps my daily walk.

Excellent app

I love this particular app for Streams in the Desert. It has beautiful scenes that the word for the day are upon..very encouraging content

Brenda E

This blesses my soul! It’s Like sweet morsels to my heart on a daily basis. It’s also very challenging at times. The Lord uses this in my heart every time I use it. It’s truly a blessing.

Great app

Good words for the soul

Streams in the Desert

I received Streams in the Desert as a gift in 1976 and have read it almost every day since. The amazing thing is that it still speaks fresh, new thoughts to my heart, and I continue to learn and grow in my faith. I have given this book to many people over the years so that they too can be blessed. I like the original version best because sometimes the modern translations water down the original content, and the depth of the meaning is lost.

Good words at your finger tips

This is a good devotion. One of the classics. Nice to have available to encourage my thoughts when I need it most during the day.


It’s nice to have this if you don’t have the literal paperback devotional with you.

Encouragement for each day

As you read daily you will be encouraged to face your day with the strength of God

Best devotional EVER!

Obviously, the Bible is really the best devotional ever; but this is definitely the next most important ‘book’ on my shelf. I received a hard copy from a friend after our family experienced a terrible tragedy. The words on the pages and the truths shared were such a comfort during that difficult time. I have given the book to many friends who’ve been struggling and have steered many to this app.

Awesome daily spiritual support!

His allows me to get a scripture and the Word in the form of scenarios or events—I’m blessed!

Excellently edifying

Streams in the desert is filled with wonderful exhortations and illustrations for Christian living. This app allows me to easily read the daily devotion anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend this app.

Wonderful encouragement!

This is an old devotion compiled from many sources by a missionary’s wife. They served in China & Japan. The book was initially given to me as a gift. It was published in 1925. t has been read & reread! Love the app on my phone! THANK YOU


There is power in the readings of this book. I have been reading from Streams in the Dessert for 30 years, and have bought many copies for friends that passed through my life.

Streams in the desert

One of the best daily devotional Books I have found.


Works great on iPhone 10.

Great devotional

I have been a fan of streams in the desert in book form for years. Having this devotional in app format has been a blessing as I’m away from home a lot. The app is laid out very neatly and has an audio option that is nice in the car. Mind you the devotional is dated but the basic message is still relevant and inspiring

Beautiful devotional

I have the hard copy of this devotional as well as the app. It is one of my favorites. Each day is encouraging to the Christian as well as a call to walk closer with God. I really enjoy this app and would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to draw closer to God.

The best Bible Devotional Ever!!

Love this devotional bible! It’s the best of the best!!

Love it!

I thoroughly enjoy the Daily Streams! It is a quick, easy devotional that starts my day with a focus on God. Helps me apply Biblical principles into each day!

Streams in the Desert

This is a very special devotional book, it speaks right to the heart of the person when he or she reads it. Whatever situation one maybe facing at that time it answers just in the nick of time. Whenever I read it in the mornings I find how it refreshes my soul. I have been reading this book for many, many years and I highly recommend it to the whole wide world to read, that’s the reason why I give it a score of 5 or higher if the possibility was there.


Thankful for these devotions. Very helpful for me and those I share them with...

Streams in the desert revised

I used vol 1 & 2 of streams in the desert of and on for years. I bought the current edition and then found the web version. I enjoy it and can read it when away from home. Tks for making it available Jimmy

My morning guide

Everyday it gives me my morning soul enlightenment thank you very much can’t miss reading them

Streams of refreshment

My all time favorite book next to the Bible- so glad it’s now on an app- have had it in book form for over 40 years giving literally hundreds of copies to hurting souls. Now I can just forward some of my favorites by text or email! God bless!

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