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Love reading my daily devotions.

Love reading my daily devotions.


I truly love this devotional! I actually own the book and try to read it everyday BUT when I’m running late or in a hurry I can always use the app and I love the graphics should read up on the author as well very interesting story!

Wisdom in the palm of your hand

I’ve loved this book for decades and now this beautiful app means it’s always close by!

Touches my heart everyday

I read this as a new believer at 15 years and now again I am reading it at 45. He is a faithful God who continues to speak through his word and this devotional to me.


This has been, and still is, one of my favorite devotionals. I am so glad that I can read it daily on my iPad.

Streams in the Dessert feeds the soul.

I have been reading from Streams for many years. It is so great to be able to open the app while I am on the go and pause and reflect . So grateful to have it!


I have read this devotional for 30 years, obviously first in book form. It is still my favorite. It is anointed and is a little reminder how our views have changed in. 100 years.

Streams in the Desert

This is a very special devotional book, it speaks right to the heart of the person when he or she reads it. Whatever situation one maybe facing at that time it answers just in the nick of time. Whenever I read it in the mornings I find how it refreshes my soul. I have been reading this book for many, many years and I highly recommend it to the whole wide world to read, that’s the reason why I give it a score of 5. If it was possible I would have given it a higher score, God Bless.

Streams in the Desert

I have been using this devotional since 1999 when I received it as a Christmas gift. It’s been a blessing to be able to access it anytime with this app.

Streams In The Desert

I enjoy each daily devotion because helps me with my day. It’s a blessing and never gets old reading it over and over again every year. This daily devotion has helped me go through tough times in times past. God always uses someone through their own experiences to encourage the Lords people. Thank you for this app it’s a blessing.


Very nicely written with pictures


Next to the Bible! God speaks so direct and powerful through this devotion. If possible on the audible playback it would be great not to have a robot voice when I’m being lazy LOL


I thoroughly enjoy reading my devotional every day. I enjoy most of so much I save them by tapping the ribbon at the bottom of my screen (red.) when I want to go back a read the saved ones there’s none saved. I’ve searched everywhere within the app and can’t find the saved ones.

My morning “Go to” for faith

I’ve been using this devotional for many years. The book is amazing but the app is so convenient

My morning guide

Everyday it gives me my morning soul enlightenment thank you very much can’t miss reading them


Great daily devotional!



Good News

Refreshing and uplifting each new day. Gives me hope!


I love the peaceful scenes as the backgrounds, the content is powerful and Biblically sound.

Daily streams

It’s a great way to start a day! Thank you!!

Focus on Him

This devotional had helped point me back Jesus daily.


The beautiful pictures; the Scriptures and the different commentators are very encouraging.

I love this app.



Really encouraging and accurate to the actual book!

Streams in the Desert

Most anointed and relevant devotional I have ever read.


Just awesome

Best Devotional

This devotional app has encouraged me, rebuked me, blessed me....when I haven’t had time to read in hardcover. I Highly recommend!!!

Streams in the desert revised

I used vol 1 & 2 of streams in the desert of and on for years. I bought the current edition and then found the web version. I enjoy it and can read it when away from home. Tks for making it available Jimmy A repeat of the above message.. My wife has also started using it. Once again thanks for making it available..

I love reading this!!

Reading this daily reminds me of God’s goodness in my life and it uplifts me in those days I’m worried or down. Truly an appropriate name, “Streams in the Desert”. Thank you!!!

This makes my devotions so easy...

Having streams in the desert on my phone makes my devotions so easy... I’ve always enjoyed streams in the desert as a devotional book.

For me

I use this app everyday. I can take it with me and read the Bible or do a Bible Study wherever I am.

Daily Steam

This is an awesome encouraging Word for daily living. Never am I disappointed. I’m always encouraged in my walk with Jesus


Very well written and timely devotionals! TY

A little more than most

Great spiritual insights, a little deeper than most devotions. I tend to remember the daily devotions longer and ponder them more than others.

Great app!

Love the uplifting devotionals.

Food for the day

Devotional has everything to get you started in the right direction and you do what needs to be done first give your first fruits to God.

Great devotion in time of trials

Everyone better to have one.

Timeless and wonderful devotional

I always find Streams as hitting right on the mark for my daily needs

Will i loose mu boomarks when i update the app?

This app is amazing !!! Absolutely love these writing!!!! Godly and inspiring. I do have a question i have bookmarked all my favorites but i dont want to loose my bookmarks if i update. Will that happen ?

Thank you.

We use this book for Family devotion with only one copy. Now we can all read along. The words are much closer to my printed copy than other digital versions I have seen. Thanks for not assuming that everyone is too stupid to read English.

Daily Streams

I read Daily Streams Daily and find the content quiteExcellent! Please keep up the Excellent work! Sincerely, David Waters

Love the application of Streams

I have been reading this devotion off and in for over 20 years and it always seems to apply to a new season in my walk with God and encourage me every time!

The Lord uses this app

God has used this app many time it has given me help and direction.

Have loved Streams for years!!!

Given as a gift more times than I can remember and regularly email devotions to friends!!!💕

A blessing and boost for the day

A true blessing, encouragement and boost for my day. It has always amazed me to know God knows exactly what I need each day. If I miss a day or two I can always look back to them. Daily Streams has been around for a long time in book form, but it is nice to have it in your pocket or purse, just pull it out and read you devotions over and over. Thank you.

Streams In The Desert

Today’s the first time I listened to the devotion being read. The reader needs a little more sensitivity when reading, not just reading one word after another. I love the App though and have the book too. Thanks!!


I came across this app as I remembered how much this daily devotional had helped me years ago. I have had many challenges thus far in life, especially the past few years, and as I turn my life back over to Christ, SITD is the perfect book to guide me along my journey. Thanking God this book found its way back into my life again.

Wisdom and life lessons

I love this devotional at my finger tips.


First devotional book I read in the morning. I recommend this book to grow spiritually.



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